At Seydel, we partner with leading environmental organizations and industry associations to understand how we can help our customers reduce their environmental footprint. Through our affiliations, we’re constantly learning about new environmental challenges and working with our expansive network of thought leaders to find sustainable solutions.

Scott Seydel Sr., our President & CEO, currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Global Green and the Board of Governors of Ocean Exchange. He is Chair Emeritus of the GreenBlue Institute and one of the founders of its Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Scott is also a former Director of the National Recycling Coalition and Vice Chair of the Container Recycling Institute. Scott founded and serves as chair of the advisory board of Elemental Impact and The Coalition for Resource Recovery. Under Scott’s leadership, The Seydel Companies is recognized as one of the most active and dedicated chemical companies working to solve some the most complex environmental issues facing manufacturers today.

Below are links to these and other leading organizations we’re proud to be affiliated with: