Polyester Resins

Product NameProduct Description
SEYCO HD-35SEYCO HD-35 is a non-ionic, high density polyethylene emulsion to reduce abrasion and needle cuts. Excellent sewing lubrication, mechanical stability, and non-yellowing at high temperatures.
SEYCOFILM PE-350SEYCOFILM PE-350 is a sulfonated dispersion of a polyester copolymer designed to level acid dyes on all types of nylon fiber and fabric. It is a clear liquid of low viscosity designed with chemical characteristics which bind PVA, CMC, and starch to polyester fiber and polyester/cotton fibers.
SEYCOFILM PE-230 SEYCOFILM PE-230 is a polyester resin in a low viscosity aqueous dispersion. It contains no solvents or diluents. This product is normally used in combination with starch or starch-polyvinyl alcohol for sizing cotton or polyester/cotton blend yarns. This product promotes very hard, low friction yarn surfaces.