Our lubricants are dye-bath auxiliaries that promote lubricity in all dyeing systems, reduce friction and increase adhesion of the dyebath to fiber, prevent cracking and help reduce crocking.

Product NameProduct Description
SEYCO LUBE SRSEYCO LUBE SR is a non-ionic based lubricant that prevents streaks in denim dyed garments. It can also be used with fiber reactive, direct, or acid dyes as an excellent lubricant. This product can increase load size without streaking and can help prevent broken stitches and nicks on heavily abraded garments. It may be used throughout the process and will not activate cellulase enzymes. This product helps impart a soft hand and allows goods to lay flat during processing.
SEYCO LUBE SMFSEYCO LUBE SMF is a polymeric lubricant designed for use in denim and/or garment processing. This product is formulated for the express purpose of reducing streaking and inconsistency of size removal during the desizing process. Its unique chemical composition yields excellent fiber to fiber and fiber to metal lubricity and helps prevent streaking.
SEYCO LUBEBONDSEYCO LUBEBOND is a liquid size lubricant and binder designed for use in sizing spun cotton, wool and synthetic blends.  It is compatible with the usual ingredients encountered in sizing.
SEYCO LUBE BAM-CONCSEYCO LUBE BAM-CONC is an innovative one piece finishing system. This product is a nonionic lubricant and re-wetter for sanforizing denim and can also be used very effectively as a beaming aid with excellent results.
SEYCO LUBE YLWSEYCO LUBE YLW is a lower solids of SEYCO BAM CONC. This product is a nonionic wetter, ester based sanforizing lubricant and a unique polyethylene softener. The unique combination provides an excellent hand, excellent wetting, and excellent fiber to fiber to metal lubrication as well as having good antistatic properties. Non-Yellowing. Minimal backstaining on filling yarns. Minimizes color bleed. Pumpable liquid. Can also be used very effectively as a beaming aid with excellent results.
SEYCOLUBE LWSEYCOLUBE LW is a yellow liquid size lubricant designed for use in sizing spun cotton and synthetic blends. It is compatible with the usual ingredients encountered in sizing.
SEYCOLUBE 1908-ASEYCOLUBE 1908-A is a clear, light amber oil consisting of plasticizer, lubricants, antistick agents and emulsifiers.
SEYCO SYNLUBESEYCO SYNLUBE 30 is a clear to slightly hazy, light liquid consisting of lubricants. SEYCO SYNLUBE is a 30% solids, water soluble lubricant. The product readily dissolves in water and therefore requires no cooking. The product can be added to cold or hot water and is compatible with most natural and synthetic size formulas currently in use.
SEYCO HD-35SEYCO HD-35 is a non-ionic, high density polyethylene emulsion to reduce abrasion and needle cuts. Excellent sewing lubrication, mechanical stability, and non-yellowing at high temperatures.