We offer various defoamers including: silicone based, free rinsing types, that are highly glycolated and stable in acid an alkaline systems; hydrophobic silica types, that are especially effective in let dyeing equipment where low foam on the downside is important; and organic based, bis-stearamide types for foam control in sizing and finishing.

Product NameProduct Description
SEYCO DEFOAMER AJASEYCO DEFOAMER AJA is a 100% active non-silicone defoamer for textile dyeing. It can be used in a wide range of aqueous temperature conditions. It is especially recommended for use in pressurized dyeing systems, e.g. jet dyeing of piece goods. It has been proven effective in controlling foam during depressurization of jet dyeing machines. It is stable in typical high electrolyte concentrations used in textile dyeing, e.g. fiber reactive dyeing. Another attribute of the SEYCO DEFOAMER AJA is that it does not produce smoke when the dyed goods are dried.
SEYCO DEFOAMER AJA CONC SEYCO DEFOAMER AJA CONC is a readily dilutable (with mineral seal oil) 2.5X strength version of SEYCO DEFOAMER AJA.
SEYCO DEFOAMER MD-1SEYCO DEFOAMER MD-1 is a non-silicone defoamer, designed to defoam starch cooks, and cooks of starch with intermediate and full hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol.
SEYCO DEFOAMER PS-1SEYCO DEFOAMER PS-1 is a white emulsion designed to defoaming sizing and finishing processessing. It contains silicone.
SEYCO DEFOAMER K-20SEYCO DEFOAMER K-20 is a white pourable emulsion with excellent stability.