Textile Sizing Chemicals

The breadth and depth of our protective yarn coating products are the most substantial in the industry, encompassing a wide range of applications.  For example, our dry warp size blends may be used for shirts, pants (including denim), sheeting, and towels for consumer and institutional textiles (hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.).  Our continuous filament warp size products are used for high-end apparel, computer ribbon fabric, automobile airbags, upholstery, mattress ticking and medical products.

Enhancement of our sizing products through continual formulating and polymer synthesis research is an ongoing process, resulting in consistent growth and product improvement.

We invite you to explore our products for textile sizing applications, including:

If you would like more information about our textile sizing chemicals, or care to discuss your needs in detail with one of our “solution chemists,” please visit the contact us page, or send an email to CustomerService@Seydel.com.