Specialty Finishes

Our specialty finishes impart unique characteristics on fabric including exceptional stain, oil and water resistance.

Product NameProduct Description
SEYCO GARD SR DB SEYCO GARD SR DB is a unique, nonionic concentrated flourochemical textile finish that provides soil resistance through soil and stain release. This product imparts excellent soil release properties and soil re-deposition protection to cotton, polyester/rayon, and polyester/wool blends and provides durable protection that lasts through multiple launderings and dry cleaning cycles to help fabrics maintain "like new" appearance longer. The flourochemical component prevents oily stains from imbedding into the treated fabric while the hydrophilic component allows detergents to wet the treated fabric and lift soils. Highly recommended for career apparel and other fabrics, adding soil and stain protection while softening the fabric.
SEYCO GARD 1100 SEYCO GARD 1100 is a unique, dual-action flouropoloymer textile finish that imparts a soil release finish to cotton, cotton/polyester, viscose, and other cellulosic blends. It provides greater water and oil repellancy than typical soil release agents while also providing superior soil release properties. This product lasts through multiple launderings to help fabris maintain "like new" appearance longer.
SEYCO PEL FE SEYCO PEL FE is a formulated reactive cross-linking textile finishing agent that dramatically increases the durabilitiy of flouropolymer textile finishes without releasing formaldehyde or stiffening the hand of the fabric. This product can also be used to finish woven and non-woven fabrics for improved resistance to blood and saline penetration.