Our chelates act as agents with excellent water softening qualities that sequester calcium, magnesium, and copper. They also prevent pinholes that result from the presence of iron and copper in hydrogen perozide bleaching processes.

Product NameProduct Description
SEYCO CHELATE Fe-80SEYCO CHELATE Fe-80 is a blend of chelating agents having chelating power for numerous divalent and trivalent metal ions over a broad pH range.  It is especially useful under conditions where iron is a problem.
SEYCO CHELATE Fe-80 CONCSEYCO CHELATE Fe-80 CONC is a readily dilutable, concentrated (2X) version of SEYCO CHELATE Fe-80.
SEYCO CHELATE 100SEYCO CHELATE 100 is a concentrated EDTA type-sequestering agent (neutralized EDTA for calcium and magnesium). If used in a textile preparation application, it will eliminate pinholes by sequestering fugitive metals in the preparation bath. It is an easy to handle product.