Bleach Bath Aids

Our bleach bath aides are non-silicate containing stabilizers for textile bleaching operations containing hydrogen peroxide.

Product NameProduct Description
SEYCO STABILIZER FPB is an effective organic, non-silicate stabilizer for textile bleaching baths containing hydrogen peroxide.  It has high sequestering capacity for heavy metal ions and prevents catalytic damage. It is effective in rapid bleach systems where it is the only stabilizer needed.  In continuous bleaching with long dwell times improved whiteness may be obtained by incorporating small amounts of silicate in the bleach bath.  It is stable and compatible with all commonly used bleach bath additives.
SEYCO STABILIZER FPB CONCSEYCO STABILIZER FPB CONC is a readily dilutable, concentrated (2X strength) version of SEYCO STABILIZER FPB.