Dye fixative and dye fix agent for denim and textiles

Seyco Fix Right is a liquid with a clear, light amber appearance.

Product Spotlight

Seyco Fix Right

Our newest dye fixative, Seyco Fix Right, is recognized around the world as one of the best performing products on the market for color retention in textiles!

Features of this product include:

• Non-formaldehyde
• Can be applied by pad or exhaust
• Can also be applied in warp sizing or in finishing (on denim) to hold the color longer
• Can be used as a pre-treatment for pigment dyes
• Can be used to fix direct or fiber reactive dyes
• Improves wash fastness
• Improves crock and wet fastness
• Prevents migration during drying operations

Seyco Fix Right does not contribute to the pollution of mill effluent systems.

For more information, or to request a sample, contact: CustomerService@seydel.com