Natural Fats and Oils

Vegetable, marine, and animal derived fats and oils are commonly used in food, feed, lubricants, protective coatings, soaps, candles, and energy. There is a wide variety of naturally-occurring, renewable and sustainable sources such as soybean oil, palm oil, canola oil, coconut oil, beef tallow, lard, and poultry grease, among others.  We process these feedstocks through such process as refining and bleaching to provide very high-purity grades.


Product NameProduct Description
Carotec FTCAROTEC FT is a blend of animal fats, primarily beef tallow.
Carotec COCAROTEC CO is reaction grade industrial canola oil.
Carotec ATOCAROTEC ATO is reaction grade tallow, acidless tallow oil.
Carotec PBLOCAROTEC PBLO is a prime-burning lard oil, a proprietary blend of animal fats and vegetable oils.
Carotec NOCAROTEC NO is a neatsfoot oil, a proprietary blend of animal fats and vegetable oils.
Carotec BFTCAROTEC BFT is a bleached fancy tallow.
Carotec SOCAROTEC SO is a sulfating oil, a blend of vegetable oils used as feedstock for sulfations, sulfonations, expoxidation, and other reactions.
Carotec TOSCAROTEC TOS is a technical oleo stearine, a blend of fully hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated animal fats.
Carotec EWS-LOCAROTEC EWS-LO is an extra-winter strained lard oil, winterized or low-cloud animal fats.
Carotec LDCAROTEC LD is a reaction grade lard or pork fat.
Carotec STCAROTEC ST is a sulfated tallow.