Optical Brighteners

Product NameProduct Description
SEYCO WHITE BRU SEYCO WHITE BRU is a concentrated fluorescent whitener that gives a slightly neutral to reddish cast on cotton and nylon fibers.
SEYCO WHITE TKBSEYCO WHITE TKB is a multi purpose neutral cast optical brightener for nylon and cellulosic textiles or their blends. Excellent light fastness. Easy leveling properties. Excellent wet fastness.
SEYCO WHITE TKB CONCSEYCO WHITE TKB CONC is a readily dilutable 2X strength version of SEYCO WHITE TKB.
SEYCO WHITE AFTSEYCO WHITE AFT is a reddish caste, cationic optical brightener for acrylics, wool, silk, basic dyeable polyamide and acrylic blends. It has a strong affinity for these fiber types and is the preferred product for an optical used in batch/exhaust operations.
SEYCO WHITE AFT CONC SEYCO WHITE AFT CONC is a readily dilutable 5X strength version of SEYCO WHITE AFT.