Flourocarbon Finishes Products

Product NameProduct Description
SEYCO GARD SR-1100SEYCO GARD SR-1100 is a unique dual-action fluoropolymer textile finish that imparts a soil release finish to cotton, cotton/polyester, viscose and other cellulosic blends. SEYCO GARD SR-1100 provides greater water and oil repellency than typical soil release agents while also providing superior soil release properties. SEYCO GARD SR-1100 lasts through multiple launderings to help fabrics maintain “like new” appearance longer.
SEYCO GARD DR-DSEYCO GARD DR-D is a highly concentrated, non-flammable fluoropolymer finish that imparts excellent water and oil repellency properties to most types of fabrics, either natural or synthetic.
SEYCO GARD SYNSEYCO GARD SYN is a new generation, concentrated “Nonionic” fluorochemical water and oil repellent finish optimized to provide superior performance and durability. SEYCO GARD SYN imparts excellent water and oil repellency properties to either natural, synthetic or non-woven fabrics. SEYCO GARD SYN finishes are durable to laundry and dry cleaning, maintaining high levels of water and oil repellency.
SEYCO PEL FESEYCO PEL FE is a formulated reactive cross-linking textile finishing agent that dramatically increases the durability of fluoropolymer textile finishes without releasing formaldehyde or stiffening the hand of the fabric.