Anti-Redeposition Aids

Product NameProduct Description
SEYCO POCKET WHITE BASE POWDERSEYCO POCKET WHITE BASE POWDER is a powdered, 100% solids. It can be used very effectively in all stages of enzyme washing of denim garments such as amylase desizing, cellulase abrasion, laccase treatment plus hypochlorate bleachning.  The use of Seyco Pocket White Base Powder in each stage improves contrast and cleaner looking pockets.
SEYCO SPERSE SPW CONC OR SPWSEYCO SPERSE SPW or SPW CONC is a concentrated mixture of low molecular weight polyesters and other polymeric dispersing and anti-redeposition agents.
SEYCO SPERSE SPW exhibits outstanding dye anti-redeposition properties in garment wet processing and other washing and scouring systems. Unlike most competitive products, SEYCO SPERSE SPW works equally well on cotton, polyester, and poly/cotton blends.
SEYCO SPERSE SPW 801SEYCO SPERSE SPW 801 is a nonionic, water soluble, polyester based, anti-redeposition aid which prevents the cross staining of indigo dye, sulfur dye or pigment dye. SEYCO SPERSE SPW 801 keeps the filling yarns cleaner and shades more consistent on the pad steamer for a denim flat finished fabric, and in denim finishing on synthetic/cotton or Lycra/cotton styles. Typical usage in a finish formula is 5-10 g/l depending on the fabric shade and construction. Typically 5 g/l is sufficient.
SEYCOTE SR-100SEYCOTE SR-100 is a 100% nonionic polyester that can be dispersed into a 25% product which is a state of the art polyester product and anti-redeposition aid. SEYCOTE SR-100 provides maximum dye anti-redeposition properties in garment wash processing. This product improves wicking and antistatic properties on polyester containing fabrics.
SEYCOTE SR-25R OR SR-50SEYCOTE SR-25R has been especially designed to provide maximum dye anti-redeposition properties in garment wet processing and other washing and scouring systems. This unique product is also an outstanding dye leveling agent when used with disperse dyes on polyester and its blends.