Over a century of providing innovative, process chemicals to the global market

The Seydel Companies are leading producers of the chemicals essential to the textile & apparel, paper & packaging, personal care, agriculture, and metalworking industries. Each of our products is meticulously designed to ensure the highest level of performance in all stages of production.

Experienced: Since 1907, the Seydel family of companies have anticipated and responded to the needs of rapidly changing world markets.

Customer Focused: Our environmentally sound facilities and global marketing network excel in their focus on value added customer service.

Technology Driven: Our patented and proprietary leading edge chemistry evolves from cooperative research in partnership with our customers.

Trusted: Our ISO 9001:2008 certified production plants and state-of-the-art laboratories set industry standards for quality, reliability, performance, and economy.


Our commitment to protecting and preserving our environment is unsurpassed.

Our products deliver maximum performance, while providing sustainable, earth friendly, economical solutions for our customers.

For this, we have been recognized as industry champions by leading environmental groups, including the United States Environment Protection Agency.

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Product Spotlight

In response to the nationwide shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently manufacturing hand sanitizer!


Our product is both WHO & FDA approved and is available in bulk quantities for immediate distribution.

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Seydel-Woolley & Co.

Well known supplier of high performance textile and other specialty chemicals to a diverse field of manufacturers located in the United States.

Chemol Company

Processor of natural fats and oils for uses in several industries, including paper and corrugating, personal care, heavy machinery, agriculture and others.

Seydel International

Services customers worldwide through its extensive network of licensed partners, agents and technical consultants.                                           _

JRS Manufacturing

Provides toll manufacturing, technical laboratory and warehousing services at its state of the art facilities in Georgia and North Carolina.